Jorge Aguilar-Agon

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Member of the European Academy of Arts

Member of the Royal Association of Belgian Artists

Member of the Society and Council of European Art and of Aesthetics

Member of the Spanish Association of Artists, Painters and Sculptors

Member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

Plaquette  of Honour - Chevalier Ancient Order A.E.A.

Bibliographic Citations (Reference Journals)

Annuaire International des Ventes. Mayer Benezit - Since 1985 France

Akoun - La Cote des Peintres - 1990 Paris

Diccionario de Pintores, Grabadores y Escultores Espanoles,Madrid,Spain

Dictionaire des Editeurs D’Art Associes ,Brussels (Belgium)

Who’s Who in Fine Art – London

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General & Pursuits

Working from studios in London, Paris, Barcelona and South West France , the artists speak six languages fluently and is a regular contributor to Radio and Television Art Programmes. He has been commissioned to review books and judge Art Competitions and has been committed to fundraising for charitable causes through the publication of his greeting cards, donation of his paintings and personal appearances.

In the past few years he has developed an interest in the ascending of mountains . To date, The Atlas Mountains - Morocco, Everest - Himalayas, Nepal, Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania and Mount Fuji - Japan in 2012.

His interests  include the analytical understanding of classical music, writing of poetic prose and further study of languages.

Titles And Distinctions


Founder Member in Britain of the European Academy of Arts - Paris and Namur

Founder Member of "Group 63" and 'ARTIST 2000" in Great Britain


Life Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts since 1980

Elected to The Court of The Fine Art Trade Guild of Great Britain and co-opted onto the Executive Board of Directors

Chairman of the Fine Art Trade Guild — Fine Art Artists Committee

Chevalier Ancient Order of the Academie Europeanne des Arts – Paris

To Date

83 Art Reproductions (Including several "Top 10" Fine Art Trade Guild Best Sellers)

182 Individual Exhibitions

118 Group-Salon Exhibitions (Including in Permanence at The London School and Muscat,Oman)

8 World Tours and Ninth in Progress.